george booth

George Booth

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About Me:

Originally from New York, George moved to the West Coast when his father was
transferred to IBM in the late 60’s. “Dad was an engineer, and I was always
learning how to fix things and was taught to understand how they worked”. At a
young age George worked at his paper route. He eventually became a mechanic
and then a diesel mechanic. He moved up the ranks and was promoted to Service
Manager in a Truck Rental and Leasing Company. After commercial transportation
George was able to move to a town where he was able to buy his first home.
“Owning your home is wonderful and exciting” His Family grew and when his
parents got older, he sold that same home to move back closer to his parents who needed his help. He
found Real Estate Sales a great way to earn a living while still helping others. Today George works for
one of the best if not largest Real Estate Corporations, RE/MAX, where helping Buyers and Sellers
Navigate the road to Home Ownership and Selling their Home has become his privilege and honor.

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